A young girl's body is washed up on a beach ...
A fisherman lies dead ...

Against The Tide

A man’s body is washed up on the shore …

On a clear summer’s morning Detective Inspector Drake is working through the latest pile of management reports that Superintendent Price has dumped on his desk. Drake is coming to terms with the death of his father, he worries about his mother and, driven by his obsessiveness, doesn’t see his relationship with his wife deteriorating.He takes a call about a body washed up on an isolated beach on the Isle of Anglesey and arriving at the scene he discovers the body of Ed Mostyn impaled by a fork to the wet sand. It becomes a race against the tide to secure evidence from the scene. Drake begins the task of unearthing details about Mostyn's family and establishing who might have a motive to kill him. He discovers that Mostyn had been refusing to sell a piece of land needed for the development of a nuclear power station and that other landowners were incensed by his refusal. When a young girl, Jane Jones is found dead by some cottages near a beauty spot Drake suspects that there may be other motives linking the deaths. He has to break the news to the girl’s family who run a small farm eking out a meagre existence, clinging to a rural way of life dominated by a strict nonconformist background.

Nightswimming Cottages 1But once he begins to unravel Jane’s lifestyle he realises that she had left behind the disciplines of her childhood. Family photographs show Drake how attractive she was and inquiries establish how many boyfriends and lovers she had had during her short life. One of the farmers linked to Mostyn is suspected of being implicated in a paedophile ring that may have been linked to Jane but when he commits suicide Drake faces intense criticism about his handling of the case. Then one of the other farmers linked to Mostyn is killed and Drake searches for the vital clue that links them all.The investigation takes him into direct conflict with the powerful forces involved in the construction of a nuclear power station on Anglesey and the fanatical opponents who will stop at nothing to prevent its construction and who see the new development as the final blow to the future of  the Welsh language and the rural heritage of Anglesey.

Drake's judgement becomes clouded when a member of the English gentry pressurises the investigation through his role as the high-sheriff. Drake and his team struggle to link all the deaths together and with the summer holiday period approaching and intense media interest the pressure builds.

About Inspector Drake 

Against the Tide is the third in a series of Inspector Drake novels set in North Wales. The first of the series Brass in Pocket and the second Worse than Dead are all now available from Amazon as ebooks and paperbacks. The novels do not need to be read in order but it makes more sense if you do.

Inspector Drake novels are based in North Wales, an area rich in history Porth Cwyfanand culture stretching back for many centuries. Wales is famous for the spectacular castles of Edward 1st from the 13th century and for our wonderful scenery and mountains. The area is bilingual and Welsh is one of the oldest European languages and still spoken all over Wales. I’ve added a gallery of photographs featuring some of the scenes and areas mentioned in the book. Please click here and I hope that you enjoy some of the photographs that will give you a flavour of North Wales.

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