Marco’s Cardiff


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Cardiff if the capital city of Wales and a modern and vibrant city on the south coast. The city’s history goes back to the Roman era. Since the end of the nineteenth century Cardiff’s success and prosperity were built on the coal fields of the South Wales valleys and exporting its coal all over the world.  The docks of the city brought in many people from all over the world and the city is well known for its cosmopolitan and varied communities.

During the last century a lot of Italian families came into the valleys and opened cafés and ice cream shops and in the docks area there is a large community from east Africa. Recently interest in the Welsh language has increased all over Cardiff and many welsh medium schools  contribute  to this varied and vibrant culture.

This is all background to John Marco’s family. His mother is first generation from Italy but his father’s family has been in the valleys for years. Marco loves football and support Cardiff City, a club on the verge of great things if they win promotion to the premier league. He lives in the Bay a stone’s throw from the Millennium Centre and the Millennium Stadium, the beating heart of Welsh rugby. From the open window of his flat on a clear day he can smell the salt in the air blown off the Bay area home to a modern marina.

The city has some wonderful history including the castle and the Norwegian church and Roath Park with its monument to Captain Scott who left for his fateful journey from the city. It is the city that the Marco has made his home. It is a bustling, modern and exciting city looking forward to the future.

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