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Inspector Marco – Time Like These


A city emerging from Covid lockdown restrictions. After the brutal killing of a sexual predator a mutilated corpse is dicovered. Detective Marco is convinced a single killer is at work.

A profiler, insisted on by Marco’s Superintendent, only adds to his frustration. Can Marco win the day? After two more deaths Marco realises how all the threads pull together and who might be the final victim of the killer intent on gruesome revenge.

The world might have been locked away and policing very different, but DI John Marco knows that behind closed doors, the bad guys have merely been waiting patiently for their moment to strike.

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Times Like These narrated by Joseph Tweedale

Joe is an experienced audiobook narrator and his credits include SHERLOCK HOLMES FOR KIDS series, BIRD IN THE CAGE and AMERICA UBER ALLES. He has also recorded on several Big Finish audio dramas as part of their TORCHWOOD and BLIND TERROR series.
Listen below to a sample of Times Like These.

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