A body is found in an Aston Martin one morning ...

Another Good Killing

A body is found in his luxury car one morning ...

Detective Inspector Marco is called from a seminar one Monday morning to investigate the discovery of a body in a car park used by the monied elite of Cardiff. A banker lies in the front seat of his Aston Martin with a lanyard draped around his neck with the words Greedy Bastard printed on a sheet inside it. The initial evidence points to anti-capitalist groups but Marco has his suspicions about the family and the banker’s business interests.

Marco quickly realises that the dead bankers family and friends and business dealing have something to hide and he has to discover who might want him dead. When the evidence points to the involvement of the activists Marco is troubled. Is it that easy? Or is someone else trying to lay the finger of blame?

One of the banker’s associates is killed and another lanyard left Marco has a second death to investigate. But what connect them? Detective Inspector Marco finds himself chasing shadows and when is private life invades the investigation, the pressure mounts as he feels compromised.

When the evidence clearly implicates one suspect Marco has his doubts and when one of his team is kidnapped it becomes a race against time to free her and discover the real culprit.

About Another Good Killing

Cardiff, Capitol shopping centre, Queen StreetThis is the second Inspector Marco novels set in Cardiff. Another Good Killing is available from Amazon as an e-book.

Inspector Marco novels are based in Cardiff the capital city of Wales a country rich in history and culture stretching back for many centuries. Wales is famous all over the world for the spectacular castles built by the native princes and also by Edward 1 in the 13th century. Cardiff is a modern vibrant and exciting city with a cosmopolitan population. John Marco comes from an Italian/Welsh background and loves the city and being a policeman.

I’ve added a Gallery of photographs featuring some of the scenes and areas mentioned in the book. Please click here and I hope that you enjoy some of the photographs that will give you a flavour of Cardiff.

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