A ferry leaves Dublin but the chief engineer can't be found ...

Worse than Dead

Stephen PulestonThe body of Frank Rosen is discovered when the ship is in the middle of the Irish Sea. A galley knife protrudes from his chest and the body has been dumped in the oil and grease on the car deck by the side of an articulated lorry.

Inspector Ian Drake is attending a course on data protection and the perils of cyber space crime when he’s called to take charge and has to rush to the port to meet the ferry. Drake realises that the murderer is on the ship, making it the first case where he knows how to find the killer.

But when the port manager insists that the ship be emptied Drake has to struggle to manage the demands of following procedures against the commercial requirements of the ferry company. And he goes head-to-head with the uncooperative manager when he realises that Rosen’s laptop is missing and he halts the disembarkation of the ship.

Later when traces of drugs are found on Rosen’s clothes and on his possessions Drake knows that he has to involve the drug squad officers and reluctantly he commits to co-operating with them despite having suspicions they may be corrupt.

But when he’s contacted by the ‘black sheep’ of his own family, a man with a criminal record, who tells him Rosen was involved with drug smuggling, and that he may know who killed Rosen, professional and family loyalties get intermingled and Drake finds himself desperately fighting to keep the investigation focused and his own objectivity intact.

With the discovery of an Irish bank account in Rosen’s name and then the apparent suicide of Rosen’s girlfriend the case rapidly becomes anything but straightforward. And with the obsessions and rituals that had been dominating his mind now facing regular examination by counselling through the Wales Police Service Drake faces his sternest challenges in managing his own personality as well as facing the challenges of the investigation.

About Inspector Drake

This is the second in a series of Inspector Drake novels set in North Wales. Worse than Dead  is available as an e-book and as a paperback. Brass in Pocket is the first in the series and  Against the Tide the third and both are also available to download and as paperbacks.

DSC_0057-EditInspector Drake novels are based in North Wales an area rich in history and culture stretching back for many centuries. Wales is famous all over the world for the spectacular castles of Edward 1 from the 13th century and for our wonderful scenery and mountains. The area is bilingual and Welsh is one of the oldest European languages and still spoken all over Wales. I’ve added a gallery of locations featuring some of the scenes and areas mentioned in the book.  I hope that you enjoy some of the photographs that will give you a flavour of North Wales.

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