Line of Duty

I was one of the legion who looked forward with anticipation to the final episode of Line of Duty. One of the best things about the series is the moral ambiguity that threads its way throughout everything. All the characters seem to be morally compromised and although the plot was about whether Detective Inspector  Lindsay Denton was actually involved with a conspiracy to murder police officers there were sufficient twists and turns to keep us guessing throughout.

The standout episode was the penultimate one that included a brilliant interrogation scene where two junior officers interrogate the deputy chief constable. In order for a scene to be outstanding it needs a superlative script with all the nuts and bolts in place, investigators to interrogate the suspect and brilliant acting. This series delivers on all counts. The series will be available in the US from 22nd March on @hulu

2line of duty
Spoiler alert

Read on at your peril!  If there was a criticism it is that the plot was perhaps too convoluted with too many characters and loose ends left unresolved – e.g. DI Cottan and his involvement of the conspiracy. Happily I am anticipating that these loose ends will all be drawn together in series 3. The final flashback scene had a slight rushed feel but did succeed in drawing together the benevolent motivation behind DI Denton’s actions that led to a catastrophic conclusion.

Having been in police stations and present during interviews there was a gritty realism to the plot without the procedural details being top heavy. Looking forward to series 3 already.